20/05/1977 – The Stranglers


I couldn’t care what anybody else says, The Stranglers are still one of the finest rock n roll bands this country has spawned in years.

                                   Chas de Whalley reviewing the Stranglers’  September gig in ‘Sounds’ 8/10/1977

A quick search on [excuse the language] Google using the terms “Stranglers+Brunel” brings up a wealth of information. Sadly, very little of it is actually relevant to the University gig(s) in question. A lot of people, it seems, think the band’s bass player was called Jean Jacques Brunel, not Jean Jacques Burnel. Still, some of what comes up is very useful, so my thanks to the intrepid souls who’ve managed to retain and preserve so much information and gone to the trouble of sharing it online. Hopefully we can add to that with a few more contributions from anyone reading this who was at the gigs in question. The drill will be familiar to you all by now, hopefully…

Thanks to Adrian Andrews for the scans. You can also read more about this and other Stranglers gigs on his excellent Aural Sculptures website… Although a Brunel alumnus, it seems Adrian was too young (as was your humble scribe) to attend this gig. The Stranglers’ also played Brunel almost exactly a year earlier, on Friday 27th May 1976. The support act for that show was none other than The Jam. We’re trying to get a bit more information about that one as a double header of that quality certainly deserves a post of its own.

Another excellent site, this time Flying V’s blog confirms the set the Stranglers played in May 1977 as:

(Get a) Grip (on yourself), Sometimes, Feel like a wog, Dagenham Dave, Something better change, Peaches, No more heroes, Hanging around, London Lady, Down in the Sewer, Peasant in the big shitty, Straighten Out

This review from Le Nurb should give a flavour of both the time and the night in question…


The support band was London.

'..a London boy, a London boy...'

‘..a London boy, a London boy…’

Again from the same source as the Stranglers act, London’s set-list was:

Young, Everyone’s a winner, Fashionable, Speed Speed, Need a reaction, Summer of Love, Sex appeal, Friday on my mind, Out on the skids, Come come it’ll be alright now, Handcuffed, Everyone’s a winner take 2

London were managed by Simon Napier-Bell and featured a certain Jo(h)n Moss on drums. Moss would go on to play with the Damned before forming a little band who had a small degree of chart popularity in the 1980s, and who went by the name of Culture Club. London’s vocalist Riff Regan reformed the band with original bassist Steve Voice and a new drummer and guitarist in 2007 and after a gap of just the 34 years, the new line-up released a second London LP, Reboot, in 2012. This followed a successful career for Regan under his real name, Miles Treddinick as a comedy writer and playwright, working with such luminaries as the great Frankie Howerd. His other television writing credits include Wyatt’s Watchdogs and Birds of a Feather. Original guitarist Colin Wright went on to become a Professor in international politics. More on Miles’ and London’s live history here.

The Stranglers returned to Brunel on 29th September 1977, this time playing in the Sports Centre. We’ll try and put up a separate post for that show too.

Update: R.I.P. Dave Greenfield, 1949-2020.


  1. Chris Beaumont · May 8

    Hi ,I saw The Stranglers at Brunel.
    Excellent gig, cant remember if May or September but last song ‘go buddy go ‘, a stage evasion and the PA on the stage left collapsed narrowly missing me ! I hope this is helpful. Chris


    • @_johnnywest · May 11

      Wonderful Chris – helpful and very fabulous details! Thanks so much and please keep commenting – I will add your comments into the piece if that’s OK?


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